Blank Cards

Let Regarding Cards supply you with all your blank card needs. From standard white PVC stock to the more advanced technology of smart cards, Regarding Cards can offer a wide range of blank card stock. Whether you are looking for PVC or composite material, magstripes or signature panel, mifare or prox cards, Regarding Cards will assist you with finding what is right for your needs.

Having trouble developing a design for your identification cards that best compliments your campus? Looking for a design for a special event that distinguishes your visitors and allows them to take an impressive souvenir with them?

There are many components on a card that need to be considered. Will the magnetic stripe correspond correctly with the picture to provide the least amount of wear on the image? Does the barcode have enough "quiet space" to be read properly? Will the signature panel on the back of the card provide printing problems on the front of the card? Will the embedded chip interfere with dynamic printing on the card.

These issues will all be considered when Regarding Cards has their in-house Graphic Designer design your cards.

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